Privacy Disclosures and Data Protection

Users of the website agree that any information or any type of data which users or any person acting on their behalf provide to the Company in the course of utilising, browsing the website will not be considered confidential or proprietary; and by voluntarily or involuntarily giving such information to the Company, the users grant the Company the unrestricted, worldwide, royalty-free license to use, transform, distribute, reproduce or otherwise destroy such information, subject to prevailing laws on the matter.

The users also agree that posting or interacting with the website in any means or any other form or materials which [would] (1) defame (2) invade privacy of another; (3) are obscene or pornographic or insensitive; (4) infringe any intellectual property rights (5) violate any law, (6) contrary to public morals or public policy; (7) promote any activity against the law or the state where CWM is situated; (8) solicit or requests for funds or services, shall be the liability of the user and the Company shall be absolved from any liability or any criminal culpability. The users also warrant that their posting are free from any of the above or any situations analogous with the above. The Company shall have an absolute right to remove any posting it deemed not appropriate in any given circumstance(s).

The privacy, collection of data, transmission and its use shall be subject to the Data Protection Act of Singapore (2012). All data provided for, voluntarily or involuntary or kept in the normal course of the use of the site, shall be regularly removed or deleted unless such information is necessary to process a complaint or request for service.

The Company assures, without any implied warranty or guaranty, that all information provided for by users in the site shall be protected and shall not be divulged to any third persons whether for personal or commercial use, unless with the written permission of the users except when such data has been requested by authorities, subject to prevailing laws. All data collected shall be kept confidential.

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