As we set out to fulfil God’s vision and mission given to us we commit ourselves to the following strategic priorities during 2010-2019:

  1. Enable member bodies to develop missional congregations
  2. Deepen partnership
  3. Reflect and research
  4. Exercise solidarity and prophetic witness

Undergirded by these principles: building life-giving community, equipping members for mission, seeking ways for renewal and transformation, sharing our common resources and engaging with the world.

1.  Enable member bodies to develop missional congregations

Our goal is: Member bodies with congregations committed to and aspiring towards a spirituality of holistic mission which finds expression in understanding and living in community with each other and in harmony with all of God’s creation towards the experience of life in fullness (John 10.10).


  • To develop initiatives that enable churches to engage with a holistic approach to mission, critically evaluate their own mission (programmes), and understand effective mission models that will lead to renewal and transformation
  • To resource churches to implement innovative mission programmes
  • Create opportunities and facilitate dialogues that develop a shared understanding of missional congregations and spiritualities of holistic mission


  • Encourage the exploration and expression of life affirming worship
  • Share resources (people, funding and ideas) among member bodies for the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of mission action plans
  • Ensure that member bodies understand and apply the principles of human resource development for mission engagement
  • Accompany and challenge member bodies to become inclusive communities

2.  Deepen partnership

Our goal is: To experience relationships of mutual trust, reflecting the CWM identity, in which there is commitment to listening, learning and challenging each other in our engagement in mission; and working in partnership with others committed to living out God’s justice in the world.


  • To strengthen relationships of trust and accountability within CWM
  • To help our members deepen partnerships with God, other churches, those outside the church (including those of other    faiths and those struggling with injustice), and creation
  • To partner (alongside our members) with ecumenical bodies
  • Facilitate awareness and engagement of the various roundtable spiritualities practised across the regions of CWM


  • Develop and implement theologies of partnership and hospitality
  • Engage with ecumenical partners and people of other faith on issues of injustice, ecology and economy

3.  Reflect and research

Our goal is: To become a learning community engaged in critical reflection, embracing the experiences and stories of each other, clarifying theological understanding, seeking God’s liberating presence and deepening our understanding of mission.


  • To facilitate missiological research and reflection that enables member bodies in their mission engagement
  • To build on our own experience and unique position to speak to the global ecumenical community


  • Facilitate the research and writing of missional stories
  • Facilitate the development of various models of theological learning
  • Encourage critical reflection of our mission practices

4.  Exercise solidarity and prophetic witness

Our goal is: To live as a community committed to resisting Empire, standing alongside the vulnerable and those faced with crises and injustice, modelling life-giving alternatives and aspiring to always keep alive in our midst a prophetic consciousness.


  • To create awareness of the place of justice at the heart of faith
  • To speak to and act in solidarity with all who face crises and injustice
  • Facilitate an understanding of Empire and God’s call to resistance


  • Identify and model life-giving alternatives
  • Standing in solidarity with the vulnerable, and those facing crises and injustice towards their healing and hope
  • Reading the signs of the times and fashioning appropriate responses in obedience to the God of justice