Theme: Agents of Change – Women, Mission and Transformation

Auckland, Aotearoa-New Zealand

 In collaboration with Trinity Methodist Theological College and CWM member churches and ecumenical partners, A New Face is a CWM programme conducted for women in ministry. This full-time residential immersion programme spans six weeks and is designed to give participants a cross-cultural experience of mission.

Besides learning through the theological college, participants explore and are orientated to mission as transformation in various placement settings and in the contexts of Aotearoa-New Zealand, Maori people and the culture of the Pacific. These include New Zealand and Island churches and community projects.

Through the church and community projects, participants will be exposed to issues like mission in the contexts of changing cultures, urban poverty, migration, homelessness, race and gender justice, sex work, climate change and the arts, as well as share insights into ministry and mission in congregational life.

The programme is structured to be contextual and experiential and is available for up to 8 participants.

Anticipated outcomes:

Participants will

  • reflect on issues around gender, church and mission
  • explore new contextual visions and practices of mission and ministry
  • express their own vision and practice in a new light through theological reflection in the programme
  • be exposed to the context and theology of CWM which they can advocate in their home context

Participant Eligibility and Requirements:

  • Participants must be women in a form of ministry recognized by their church.
  • All applications must be submitted by their Church, by March 5th 2018. The application must include a letter of endorsement from the applicant’s denomination’s General Secretary. Please note completion of the application form does not guarantee participation as numbers are limited and we will need to select from the pool of applicants we receive.
  • Participants must demonstrate a good grasp of their country’s cultural, historical and socio-political landscape. They are required to share this knowledge with the host community and programme participants.
  • Participants must be willing to commit themselves to the programme for its full duration of the six weeks beginning Aug 6th
  • Participants are expected to be able to understand and converse in English.
  • Participants must commit to be under the direction of the (either seminary or host church) during the full length of the programme.
  • Participants must commit to a willingness to live and work with people from different cultures and participate in community activities such as worship, shared meals, and other common responsibilities which contribute to creating a harmonious group experience.

Travel and Accommodation

  • Participants must hold a valid passport for at least six months from the start date of the programme.
  • Room and board will be paid for by CWM.
  • Travel costs and small honorarium will be provided by CWM.
  • International travel to the programme location, Auckland, Aotearoa-New Zealand, will be provided and arranged by CWM. Participants who wish to make their own travel, following CWM’s travel policies, will be reimbursed accordingly.


  • Participants will have insurance coverage during the course of the program. However, participants are responsible for expenses such as routine medical examinations such as prescriptions, dental care and etc.

For more information about this programme, please contact CWM’s Mission Development Team at

Download the application form here.

Council for World Mission


    • Rose Paul

      Please advise if ex Training in Mission participants are allowed to apply.

    • Rebecca Azariah

      I am Mrs. Rebecca Azariah from India. I am working as an assistant professor in the department of Missions at the Gurukul Lutheran Theological College, Chennai, India. I would like to participate in the programme held at Auckland, Aotearoa-New Zealand. Is there a possibility for my two daughters to accompany me to the programme.


      Do you all offer Distance Education Courses?

    • Corin Natly Maboeta

      Hi. I only saw the advert for the A new face program today. Is it to late to apply. Kind regards Rev Corin Natly Maboeta

    • Gladious Guna Ranjini

      Dear organizers.

      Greetings from India!

      I just came across this programme through google surf. Can I apply now?

      I am Gladious, a PhD Research Scholar in the Dept of Journalism and Mass Communication from India. My broad area of research is gender. I closely work Young Women Christian Association, Madurai wing – India.

    • Council for World Mission

      Dear Gladious, Corin, Rebecca, and Hollis,

      thank you for contacting us, and your interest in participating in A New Face Programme. As the application deadline is over, we would encourage you to keep a lookout for the call for applications on our website during January 2019 if you are keen in participating next year.

      For further enquiries, please write in to

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